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Tours in Scotland

Scotland is one of the world’s most attractive countries. Its people are friendly, passionate and the country itself boasts some of the most beautiful landscape you’ll ever see. Taking a holiday in this magnificent location is a dream in itself but with so much to see and do, having a spectacular programme of events and tours is the ideal way to make sure you’re taking in all Scotland has to offer.

Here at BluBale, we’re such huge fans of Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular. So much so that we now offer some amazing tours within these areas.

Free Tours In Scotland

Here at BluBale we offer an incredible experience, providing free tours in Edinburgh and Glasgow in Spanish, allowing you to really see the city and truly understand all there is to love about this city. Our tours, as you may have noticed are FREE which makes them even more attractive.

From our incredibly in-depth tours of Edinburgh, discussing the city itself and its evolution over the last century to our free Harry Potter tours, there’s something for everyone. We even provide some incredible free Ghost tours in Glasgow and Edinburgh too, giving you full access to those dark corners and narrow cobbled streets, guaranteed to give you a fright and show you the real excitement these amazing cities have to offer..

For more information on our free tours in Edinburgh and Glasgow, simply contact us today..

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